My name is Maja and I'm a lawyer/writer living in New York City. This is my blog -- a collection of recipes for vegetarian and gluten-free dishes and gin cocktails. I started this blog in the summer of 2013 as a form of artistic expression and an organized method of documenting the recipes and creations in my kitchen. I love vegetables and natural foods, and I've always been fascinated by colors, photography, the aesthetics of food on a plate, and storytelling through imagery. Combining these somewhat disparate interests seemed like an inevitable progression. I hope you enjoy the recipes and images. 

Creative writing is my greatest passion these days but, beyond that, I have a deep appreciation for foreign languages, cities, bookstores, coffee, trains and railway stations, rainy days in New York, dark chocolate, record stores, small music venues, cobblestone streets, museums, Brooklyn Gin, yoga, peppermint tea, postcards, farmers markets, edible mushrooms, beaches, and all bodies of water. 

The Name

"Veggies & Gin," in a literal sense, represents what I like: green vegetables and a good gin drink. But it also encapsulates my general food philosophy, which is a philosophy of balance. I don't believe in extreme detoxes or deprivation. I do believe that food is synonymous with pleasure, enjoyment, and good company. I support eating clean, high-quality food most of the time while reserving space for occasional treats -- for me, it's chocolate, a gin cocktail, a glass of wine. It might be something else for you. Either way, a balanced, sane approach to discovering and enjoying food is the way to go. 

The Food

I lived in Croatia and Serbia for the first ten years of my life and the Mediterranean/Eastern European influences hold strong in my cooking. I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian but I tend to avoid meat and dairy products and follow a gluten-free diet. I love fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and seafood. Expect to see primarily vegetarian, gluten-free dishes.  

The Recipes

The recipes are my own but I always credit the chefs and cookbook authors whose ideas have inspired me or whose work I've adapted. Some recipes are elaborate, others are loose and free-form. Despite my fanatical consumption of cookbooks and food blogs, I never slavishly follow a recipe. Instead, I try to obtain the highest quality ingredients first and allow the ingredients to guide the ultimate dish--can you tell I like Alice Waters? Of course, the irony is that I post specific instructions here but I think that once you have a clear, defined route to follow, you are free to explore and experiment along the way. I completely expect you to adapt the recipes to your own liking. 

The Cocktails

I like to think that I'm a gin connoisseur but eager amateur is more accurate. I love gin for its complexity, its depth, and its herbal and citrus notes, but I realize that not everyone feels that way about it. Substitute other spirits where appropriate. 

The Photography

The photographs are my own. I style my own food and am only beginning to develop an understanding of the elements of an appetizing, natural food photograph. I put a lot of work into this blog so please do not use photographs without my permission. But if you ask, I will probably say yes.

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